Carryline supplies conveyor systems suitable for medical products and clean-room environments.
Our projects have included conveyors for catheters, nasal sprays and tablet packaging. Often extremely suitable for the medical products industry, we have also developed a special chain.
Carryline conveyors are included in internal transport systems for catheters, nasal sprays and tablet packaging. Carryline has developed a special chain form small products, dedicated to pharmaceuticals.

The engineering industry places very many special demands on conveyors. For example, the conveyors may be exposed to grinding oils and other chemical products. In such cases, the slide rail may have to be made in a more resistant material. If the product that is to be conveyed has sharp edges, a steel chain may be the solution. By specially adapting its conveyors, Carryline can meet all the requirements.

The foodstuffs industry often requires stainless steel conveyors that are easy to clean and, furthermore, tolerate frequent cleaning. Carryline has no problems supplying conveyors that meet these requirements. The dairy industry is one example of a sector in which Carryline products are used very often.

The tobacco industry is a large market for Carryline conveyors. In this type of industry, the pace of manufacturing is often high. So that machines always have a full workload, product buffer systems are required. Carryline has great experience in this.

The packaging industry is the largest market where Carryline conveyors work. Carryline systems cover everything from simple transport between machines to large buffer systems on the upstream side of palleting equipment. One of the challenges is usually that a large number of formats need to be carried on the same conveyor line.

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