AMSORT offers synthetic belts and straps which find their use in practically all industry sectors, such as transport and material handling inside buildings as well as transport centres and production facilities, where belts and straps of specific properties are required.

Selected Conveyor Belts:

Flexam TM – PVC


Ropanyl TM– polyurethane

Ropanol TM– impregnated polyurethane

Ropanex TM– constant thermal property polyurethane

Ropan TM– hardened polyurethane

Amtel TM– polyester

Peflex TM– polyethylene

Fabric TM– fabric

Felt TM– non-woven fabric, felt

Elastonyl TM– rubber/ polyurethane

Elastoflex TM– rubber/PVC

Silam TM– silicone rubber

Pletex TM– thermoplastic[M1]

Wide Range of profiles

Application of these profiles ranges from product separation off the conveyor and then use, or as a joining element of certain technological processes or inclined structures.

Designated Accessories:

Guide Profiles – PVC, polyurethane

Carriers – PVC, polyurethane, polyester

Side Valances – PVC, polyurethane

Edge Reinforcement/Protection– Amseal®

Our belts conform to European standards and regulations containing food industry certificates, ATEX and others…

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