ASP-LM device is used for automatic weight and package dimension measurement of goods being transported on the conveyor.
It s a complete system, allowing on the go measurements whilst transferring all data to the screen in real time. Obtained information is send to WMS system or another primary unit.
The combination of weight and dimensions helps to define the freight costs of packages and can be particularly useful in courier industries, logistic centres and handling stations.
ASP-LM-N is the basic version of the system. Image analysis together with height measuring, is an ideal solution for carton transportation lines. Visual system allows data archiving for all transported packages.
ASP-LM-L provides a more precise shape measurement through the use of laser scanner. This solution allows for digitization of the measured object. Its digital version (point-cloud) identifies package size and in any length.


– Package storage in order to add more components such as a labeller
– Automated barcode reading
– Addition of static control programs
– ASP-N sends scanned product pictures to the system

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