Ammeraal Beltech conveyor belts have uses well known characteristics which TEFLON® (PTFE) provides, an effective widely used material fused with glass fibre and Kevlar made fabric. Conveyor belt is formed through foil and Teflon fusing. PTFE foils can be joined via heat or mechanical treatment. In order to assure belts stability strength its sides are reinforced with thermal or sewn on foil. This type of reinforcement is also used in mechanical joins. PTFE belts and foils conform to current belt requirements used in transport of unpackaged food products.

Characteristics and benefits of PTFE

  • non-adhesive
  • excellent slippage
  • chemical resistance, stability
  • abrasion resistance
  • temperature range from -170°C to +230°C
  • UV resistance


  • packaging industry
  • rubber and plastics production
  • textile industry
  • food processing

    Available Types

  • self adhesive foil
  • foil
  • screens 1×1, 2×2, 5×5 mm
  • anti-static

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