Ammeraal Beltech offers a wide range of high yielding flat belts from Rapplon® made out high quality long lasting materials. State of the art production techniques produce classic belts with polyamide core as well as new generation belts with unique thermoplastic properties. Different types of traditional materials allow for minimal stretching and uniform operation. Rapplon® belts, as a requirement use profiles which have a high fastness to abrasion, smooth or coarse surface guaranteeing uniform and constant parameters. Belt coating made of leaher, fabric, natural rubber, elastomers and thermoplastics; these assert wide scope of use and differential utilization.
Frequently used are our own products specially made to clients specifications such as coated profiles with their intended use as measuring devices.

Types of Belts

  • drive
  • process
  • tangential


  • textile industry
  • wood industry
  • paper production
  • printing, cardboard production
  • post services, logistics
  • forwarding

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