Made out of Polyester. Through material perforation, mesh width of 1×1, 2×2, 3×3 and 5×5 mm is obtained. Primarily these belts are used in the food industry for washing, laundering, cooling and drying of various continuous products. In order to maximize its effectiveness Mesh Belts can be used with fingers or drags. To maximize their strengths stability, belt sides have been reinforced. Mesh Belt Conveyors conform to current belt requirements used in transport of unpackaged food products.

Available types

  • finger
  • guide keys
  • side curtains
  • reinforced edges


  • temperature range from -75°C to 130°C (220°C)
  • UV rays resistance
  • base and acidic resistance
  • hygroscopic stability


  • cooling
  • drying
  • laundering, rinsing
  • vacuuming

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