QUICKSTORE AS/RS miniload System allows you to save storage space, energy consumption and maintenance costs. It automatically arranges and retrieves cardboard boxes, trays, crates in appropriate locations.


Benefits of implementing miniload AS/RS:


  • High storage density; saving up to 60% in floor space
  • No lighting/heating required in the storage area
  • High performance, up to 250 movements per hour, optimising throughput
  • Improved accuracy, delivering better customer service consistently



Vanderlande offers a wide range of automatic miniload racks and storage and retrieval machines.


  • Single or double deep storage
  • Single or double mast
  • Single, double or quadruple shuttles
  • Load handling device based on belts, telescope or vacuum telescope
Selecting the right miniload AS/RS for your application depends on the storage capacity and throughput you require. Vanderlande miniloads have been implemented in a wide range of industries such as parts & components, automotive, food, fashion and non-food. More than 1000 Vanderande miniloads have been installed all around the world.

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