Amsort offers Roller Tracks as used in large warehouses, fabrication plants, unloading terminals, production lines and even shops. Because they are gravitational type they do not need motorization such as mechanical drives. Simple construction combined with a competitive price makes these a popular choice among clients from around the world.

The main use for roller tracks is in storage systems, but also  they can be found in:


Gravity conveyors

Inter conveyor connections

Loading and unloading zones

Unloading terminals

Wholesalers and shops


Steel fastening guarantees loading capacity of 6 daN (kg) and a very low friction factor. Rollers are manufactured by an injection method with high quality and extremely impact resistant thermoplastic material. It is also acid resistant and can be used in chemical prone environments.



Tracks are made out of zinc plated steel with coved edges. Its static moment is placed at 0.5 cm3. Roller replacement is a simple process. There is a choice of various centre spacings such as (33 mm, 50 mm, 66 mm, 83 mm, 100 mm etc.) either plain or flanged.  Guides, connectors, end- bits and fasteners complete the offer.


Roller Tracks, enable the following:

  smooth and quiet product transport

  strength and reliability

  cost reduction

  versatility of application


For non typical applications use anti static rollers or conductive rollers, low temperature applications (to –40°C), stainless steel, antimagnetic etc… are recommended.


Technical Specifications:


Roller Tracks


All tracks made out of galvanized sheets. Their optimal length does not exceed 6500mm.

Roller spacing in mm

Type Spacing
N          33    50     66
SP          —     50     66


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