These belts are made of thermoplastic polyurethane of different hardness and colours. In order to ensure the uniform structure they are produced by extrusion.

Once equipped with the right components, you can easily connect them without interrupting production or producing extended downtime (turning off the machine). Linking is performed directly on the machine. These belts are manufactured in accordance with the stringent hygiene and law requirements in the food industry.


Available designs

  • round belts ∅2 – ∅20 mm
  • round belts with traction
  • V belts K8- K32 as per DIN 2215
  • V belts coated
  • V belts profiled
  • dual V belts
  • peaked V belts
  • conveyor belts



  • ease of joining
  • high traction durability
  • abrasion resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • high degree of reflexive elasticity
  • high friction coefficient
  • uniform belt course



  • building materials, ceramics
  • glass works
  • food industry
  • logistics

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