Toothed belts are forms of transport and carrying used in the transfer of mechanical power without slippage. Toothed belts play an important role in regards to service and logistics. Together with other non slip components their material and mechanical characteristics offer a range of advantages.

Tooth Belts – Linear
Avialble by the metre. Their traction element is steel or aramid cord parallel to the edge of the belt.

Tooth Belts – Joined
Produced out of bonded linear belts at any chosen length.

Tooth Belts – Flex
Produced as continuos elements not containing any intervening traction elements. Traction elements placed spirally in the core of the belt.

Tooth Belts – Driven
Such belts are produced as traction elements sleeve in a spiral toothed belt core. As a result of the merger of the belt and traction element we receive a product with a compact shape and dimensions

thermoplastic polyurethane

Dimensions – metric

Dimensions – imperial
(feet/inches) XL, L, X, XH

Accessories and Add-ons

  • profiles
  • drives
  • cogwheels
  • cogged shafts
  • cogged discs
  • guide profiles

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