Ultrasync – positive drive belts and synchronous transport. Ammeraal Beltech has combined the great benefits of Synthetic, Modular and Timing Belts to create the Ultrasync range of belting. These are used in various industry sectors. Different construction version types are available. We can choose different hardness, tensions or colours.

Ultrasync belts are ideal when , problems occur with:

  • product slippage eg. damp or oily environments
  • synchronization: high acceleration processes with many functions
  • cycle use: start/stop functions
  • tracking: side forces, short and wide belts

    Main Features:

  • positive drive, no slippage
  • improved tracking
  • water, oil and chemical resistant
  • temperature range: -10°C to 100°C


  • positive drive, less tension
  • smaller drive rollers
  • compact machine design
  • precision indexing and motion
  • higher speeds without slippage
  • less downtime
  • compliance with food grade standards
  • vast accessory range: keys, side curtains, cover materials
  • maximum width up to 1000mm


  • synchronous conveying and positioning
  • high speed transport motion
  • packaging lines and devices
  • hygienic paper production lines
  • automated processing lines
  • vacuum applications
  • tyre production lines
  • precise timber processing

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