Universal rails made out of hard drawn 2mm zinc profiles. Profiles have two series of holes at different heights spaced out at 25mm. The base is also drilled to accommodate holes spaced out at 25mm. Hole diameter is 8.1mm. The construction allows for installation off wheels of 48mm diameter with the use of specially made screws, tubular rivets or M8 screws, with spacing being at 50mm, 75mm, 100mm etc… Wheels can either be placed adjacent to each other in many rails, or can be off-set to form various combinations. Plastic wheels with or without flanges have a maximum load of 10 daN (kg). Steel rollers (with or without flanges) have a maximum load of 20 daN (kg). Load factor is at 2.2 cm3.


Universal roller rails are used in conveyors as well as warehouse systems and their advantages make them applicable in industries such as:


  various products storage,

  guides and other conveyor elements,

  inter connection between product treatment

  packing devices,

  guides for drive belts.


Dane techniczne:


All tracks made out of galvanized sheets. Their optimal length does not exceed 6000mm.
Plain rollers (NR) are installed at bottom holes (unless required otherwise)  flanged rollers (SR) at the top

Roller spacing in mm


NR 10  50  75  100  125  150 
SR 10    —  75  100  125  150
NR 20  50  75  100  125  150
SR 21    —  75  100  125  150
Plug                  ESF


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