Uni-Chains offer a wide range of essential conveyor accessories.

Guide Rings

AS pat of our range of conveyor construction elements Danish company Uni-Chains had introduced a new product to the market – Guide Rings for fastening.

Their intended use is in circular as well as square shafts. Split ring structure allows its assembly on the shaft without shaft removal. Furthermore, openings present in the rings allow their installation on the shat without the need to provide grooves or other fastening and retaining elements. Unique design of high surface operation ring provides optimal solutions both for drive and driven shafts.

Uni-Chains guide rings are made out of fibre glass reinforced blue polyamide PA6. Temperature range is –40 to 120C (-40 to 248F). Polaide is extremely resistant to chemical; therefore its application is present in many industry branches.

Guide Rings are supplied in sets of 4 and 20 pieces.

Footing and Tripod bases for Conveyors

Our product range offer fixed and adjustable angle footings. They offer optimal fastening to various surfaces. Uni Footings and tripod bases are long lasting and easy to keep clean. Uni Footings are all made out of stainless steel. All corners and horizontal surfaces (where dirt can gather) have been eliminated. They can be deliverer wit anti-slippage transparent pads guaranteeing easy cleaning. Therefore the Uni-chains program is an excellent choice where hygiene and sanitary requirement are high (eg. food processing).With 600 available combinations you are sure to find one for any application.

Toothed Wheels

Uni-chains Toothed Wheels are available for the entire chain and uni belt offer. These wheels are usually made of steel, plastic and iron castings. Plastic wheels can be delivered in two parts as dismantable units.

Tooth Wheels –Reversible

Reversible Tooth wheels are made out of acetal “D” and are white in colour.

Guide Rings

Guide rings are recommended for steel magnetic chains. Their main objective is guide easement of the tooth wheel chain.

Embedded rubber pads and barriers

Usually to achieve trouble free goods transportation on a smooth conveyor surface, only gradual slope degrees can be applied. In order to increase the angle slope Uni-Chains recommends the use of extra accessories. These mainly are, embedded rubber pads of different hardness in the case of chains and plastic conveyors.

For extremely high lifts, barriers are recommended. Uni-chains can deliver barriers which are directly embedded into the chain link. Such solutions allow for high durability and delicate product transport. Steel chains can also have embedded rubber pads. Due to this process, pads are not subject to easy unsticking as is the case of vulcanized pads.

Carding Plates

All chains and belts which contain welts, Uni-chains can offer Carding Plates. They allow for smooth product transfer from one conveyor to another.

Guide Rail Supports

Uni-Chains deliver complete guide rail supports for one or two feed slides.

Side Railing

To overcome products falling of the conveyor or chain, it is possible to install side railing. Our range includes many different types.

Other Accessories

Chain covers, bearings etc…


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