Universal system of conveyor belts for small to medium loads, manufactured out of dedicated aluminium structured profiles, driven at the end or inside the conveyor. Drivelines used, can be either electrically geared or an electro drum units. Transportation belts are chosen according to their specific environment needs as well as the environment of goods being transported. Conveyors are designed in a way to minimize assembly and their future servicing, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the highest standard of safety during operation.

Thanks to the assembly out of universally available modules, built time is swift and offers virtually maintenance free servicing. Each types design and construction, allows for the replacement of an enclosed conveyor belt. AMSORT transportation systems can be equipped with various types of conveyor belts, each chosen according to its unique purpose of the system.

Due to our high levels of construction elements constantly kept in our warehouses, time to fulfil orders is kept to its bare minimum.

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